How To Find Your Language Study Style

How To Find Your Language Study Style

You've probably heard it many times before, "find a study method/style that works for you". You read it then you scratch your head all confused and stuff because you don't know what methods there are or what would work best for you. Welcome to the club! Well, while wondering through Youtube and Tumblr, I found [...]


How To Learn Chinese: Complete Beginners Guide

In this guide: Tones Pronunciation Radicals Basic expressions 100 most common words So you’ve decided to embark upon the great journey of Chinese language acquisition. Well, great adventurer, it will be a great journey indeed. Chinese is considered one of the hardest languages for an English speaker to learn and for good reason. There are [...]

Learning Basic Korean Vocabulary with BTSNamjoon’s Bedroom 침실 - bedroom 침대 - bed창문 - window 선반 - shelf컴퓨터 - computer책상 - desk옷 - clothes옷장 - wardrobe의자 - chair 인형 - stuffed animal Quiz yourself on these words with flashcards and audio here:                                    [...]