My Chinese Language Notebook

My Chinese Language Notebook

Greetings, Polyglots! So a lot of people have asked me about my language notebook and stuff. That makes sense right? All kinds of languageblrs and bloggers post at least six cubic tons of notebook inspiration photos a day because they should! But I have always been the kind of person to only passively enjoy notebook [...]


How To Learn Chinese: Complete Beginners Guide

In this guide: Tones Pronunciation Radicals Basic expressions 100 most common words So you’ve decided to embark upon the great journey of Chinese language acquisition. Well, great adventurer, it will be a great journey indeed. Chinese is considered one of the hardest languages for an English speaker to learn and for good reason. There are [...]

How To Self-Study Japanese

Learning Japanese is no easy feat. It requires dedication and hard work, especially if you have decided to self-study. If you are absolutely brand new to Japanese, here are some fast facts about the language to get you started: * Contains two alphabets: Hiragana and Katakana * Each alphabet has 46 phonetic characters (72 in [...]