How To Overcome Feeling Inferior to Others

How To Overcome Feeling Inferior to Others

Feel inferior? Yeah, I do too sometimes. While it's totally natural to feel inferior to others sometimes, it can really feel like fat crap. What should you do about these feelings? Should you give up? Hate the person you feel inferior to? In this post I share my personal experience with feeling inferior to other [...]


Check Out My Patreon Page!! (And Get Great Stuff)

Someone left a comment that changed me! I won't say their name in case they're shy, but someone suggested that I create a page so that my readers and adoring fans (lol) can donate to my cause! And DUN DUN DUN DUN (those were supposed to be triuphant horns)! Here it is!! My snazzy new [...]

Feeling Stuck? How To Get Out of a Language Learning Rut

  "Everything is so hard! I just wanted to be an astronaut!" - A wise man (probably) Learning a language isn't supposed to be easy. It's a living and breathing method of communication that isn't always perfectly logical. In other words, it's a HOT MESS and you're going to have to learn your way through [...]