How To Use Movies To Learn a Language

How To Use Movies To Learn a Language

Greetings, Polyglots! I’m back with another post about how to use movies to learn languages! I’ve noticed a trend among language learners. Especially among those learning English. Those who spoke English the most natural and fluently have all said that they frequently use movies to learn English. I’m telling you, it’s uncanny! I’ve taught English [...]


How To Create a Self-Study Schedule Part II: Casual Studying

Hello polyglots! I apologize for the lateness of this post! As you know I posted about how to create a study schedule if you are studying a language(s) intensively. Now I’m going to talk about how to study one language or multiple languages casually. First, I need to define what casual studying even means. Studying [...]

How To Self-Study Japanese

Learning Japanese is no easy feat. It requires dedication and hard work, especially if you have decided to self-study. If you are absolutely brand new to Japanese, here are some fast facts about the language to get you started: * Contains two alphabets: Hiragana and Katakana * Each alphabet has 46 phonetic characters (72 in [...]