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English Teaching Services

  • Conversational English Lessons
  • TOEFL Training
  • Business English
  • Weekly Tutoring
  • One Week English Intensive
  • Proof-reading Resumes, Cover Letters and Essays
  • American Accent Training


Clients of All Kinds

High School Students


I have many years of experience coaching and teaching high school students in preparation for college applications, university and for success later on using English. I do vocabulary building lessons and plenty of grammar reinforcement to make sure my students are as proficient in English as possible. High school students will learn:

  • More common and rich vocabulary
  • Common idioms
  • Fundamental grammar
  • Pronunciation improvement

College Students


I have about six years of experience teaching college students seeking employment, internships or research opportunities in English speaking countries. For college students, I offer intensive English lessons that focus on improving vocabulary, common expressions, listening comprehension and accent training. Students will learn:

  • Complicated idioms
  • Complex grammar
  • In depth and technical vocabulary words
  • Improved listening comprehension
  • American accent training for improved pronunciation
  • Improved writing skills


Graduate Students


I have about one year of experience teaching English to graduate level student from universities like Beijing Normal University and the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). Graduate level English instruction is much more intensive. Lessons are conducted in naturally spoken English at a naturally fast pace and focuses on conversation and writing. Students will learn:

  • Listening Comprehension Improvement
  • Intensive Conversation Practice
  • Complex Vocabulary
  • Complex Grammar
  • Writing Skills




Adults will receive casual conversation practice, accent training and vocabulary building training. Lessons are done topic by topic and the topics range from buying groceries, to asking for directions, to buying a new car. Each class will focus on a new lesson while reviewing the last. Adult students will learn:

  • Conversational skills
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Improved vocabulary


My Background


I’m Lili and I have six years of experience teaching high school students, adults, college students and graduate level students. I have taught at University of Science and Technology of China and at Beijing Normal University. I have provided private lessons for four years to recent immigrants to the United States and to students preparing for the TOEFL exam. Before going to China to teach, I worked at Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in Admissions and Financial Aid for one year and took graduate classes. Now I teach online to students looking to improve their English the right way!



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