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What This Site Is For

This is a no bs, straight forward language learning site that delivers unique and original language learning content for people learning all languages. Over the past ten years, I’ve been learning six languages and I have grown to have little patience for generic tips!


This site is perfect for you if you:

  • Are learning a language
  • Are tired of generic language advice
  • Like a little sarcastic humor
  • Like occasional free stuff
  • (Optional) Are interested in or are currently studying Chinese, Japanese and/or Korean
  • Are ready to start learning languages and learning them WELL


Hi! I’m Lili!


What’s up everyone! I’m Lili and I’m a world traveling, FPS gaming, music making, philosophy loving, possibly law school bound (ing ?), English teaching blogger. But most importantly, I’m a language learner. Now, take my hand, and let me take you on a journey into my language learning past (don’t worry you’ll be back by dinner).

My Language Learning Origin Story

My language learning began when I was about 12 years old. I started learning Japanese because I found a Rosetta Stone pack for only 25 bucks at the local homeschool convention (oh yeah and I was home schooled in high school)! Of course I snatched it up faster than I snatched up BTS’s last album and made out like a bandit! I took that bad boy home and started studying Japanese so much that I dreamed in Japanese only one day after starting the program! However, there was a biiiiiiiigggg problem. Rosetta Stone barely taught me anything!

I ravaged the internet like a romantic trying desperately to find the one. I gathered all sorts of data from different websites, programs and read countless blogs. It was a MESS! In my desperate attempt to find a program and method that satisfied my insatiable appetite for language learning that also met my high standards, I went through COUNTLESS programs (Living Language, Duolingo, Babbel, Rocket Languages, LiveMocha, etc) and paid for subscriptions to online programs and bought so many books. I was in it deep.

Soon I realized that although the programs were great, it was I who needed to create my own method if I wanted the most effective language learning! So over the years I have learned how people acquire languages and what method truly work for learning languages. I have tested these methods on Chinese, Japanese, Korean and French and have used them for about six years and they have YET to fail me. I’m considering learning more languages just because I’m so confident in my methods!


My Promise To You

I hate to say but, well, a lot of language learning tips out there are so general and I’m not just saying that! I’ve personally gone through A LOT OF IT! I won’t just sell you things or give you general advice, I will give you genuinely insightful and original tips and advice to help you learn a language and learn it well. I promise to provide quality language learning content, to give you the information you need without any bs, to do ample research before pushing out content and to give you my personally proven methods to learn a language the RIGHT WAY!


My Content is For Everyone

Though I mostly learn Chinese, Japanese and Korean, my Language Learning Tips are for EVERYONE. It doesn’t matter if you’re learning Dutch, Spanish, Korean, or Finnish. If it’s a language (and not a coding language) I got your back!!


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