Check Out My Patreon Page!! (And Get Great Stuff)

Someone left a comment that changed me! I won’t say their name in case they’re shy, but someone suggested that I create a page so that my readers and adoring fans (lol) can donate to my cause! And DUN DUN DUN DUN (those were supposed to be triuphant horns)! Here it is!! My snazzy new Patreon page! So become a Patreon so I can give you awesome stuff!!

If I can reach $200 I will give all my Patreons a guide to learning Korean based on your favorite V-Live video! My guide will contain a link to where to view the video, Korean, English and romanji subtitles, a complete list of vocabulary and grammar so that you can follow along and learn, all the content separated into ten minute segments (as I suggest), and a mini-quiz at the end of the guide to test yourself! Watch your favorite idols on V-Live and learn Korean with my customized guide that I will give to all of you!! 

So support me on Patreon so I can keep this website going and the content flowing! You can find my page here!!


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