How To Grow Followers on Tumblr and Use it to Grow Your Blog

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Ah, Tumblr… Often made fun of for having the largest collection of hilariously sarcastic users who leave the best comments on images. If you have never seen it before, I encourage you to TURN ON SAFE SEARCH FIRST and then explore the deep innards of Tumblr. Seriously, turn on safe search because oh my god.

If you’re here, you either just joined Tumblr or are considering creating a Tumblr page and you want to know how to get more followers on Tumblr. GREAT! And that means I’M here to help you grow your followers and not deliver boring useless content that I just pulled out of my ass to get you to come to my blog. Good thing I don’t roll that way. Everything I share in this post is honest, genuine and solves problems that I myself encountered while starting my Tumblr page.

When I started Tumblr, I had 10 (really great) followers. Now I have 3,000 followers and growing constantly! Tumblr also brings in hundreds of views on my blog a day! So how do you grow a Tumblr and use it to grow your blog? Keep reading!


Who Exactly Is Tumblr For?


No, it’s not just for K-pop fan fictions. If you are interested in creating a blog that showcases your photography or if you’re interested in language learning, fashion, art, comics, college study tips, or travel, then Tumblr is the place for you! The reason I chose those topics is because, like EVERY SINGLE other social media platform, Tumblr is also an image based platform. So if you’ve got a pretty picture, people will be attracted to it like moths to a flame. The topics that excel are absolutely art, comics, study notebooks and photography. However, because there is also a huge language learning community, I grew my Tumblr page pretty quick. It’s important to know what Tumblr is for because if you put out the right content, your followers will SHOOT up. If you deliver content that Tumblrs don’t give a crap about, then you’ll struggle.


What Your Tumblr Page Looks Like


I gotta tell you, a lot of people do not do this and then complain about not having followers! Can you grow your Tumblr caring what your page looks like? YES! But it does help A LOT to have a pretty looking page, so that people can see your pretty looking post and hopefully decide to visit your pretty looking blog too. And if your page doesn’t look good, then your content better be the bomb!

So essentially in Tumblr, you have two pages. The short snippet page that comes up while people are scrolling through Tumblr so they don’t have to leave their page and your actual page with your organized posts and such. You want to try to put time and effort into BOTH of these pages because it shows off who you are and what you do. Here is my Tumblr page for an example:

tumblr mine

If you’re like me and don’t know how to make pages look pretty because you didn’t sell your soul to learn HTML, then you can find free templates literally everywhere all over the web. You can find whatever you want in whatever aesthetic you want totally for free. Seriously! Just google ‘free tumblr theme’ and be amazed. Here’s some examples:


What Your Content Should Be


Like I said before, people LOVE pretty pictures. So even if you have a wall of text (which you should separate with a ‘Keep Reading’ line), if you have a pretty picture and something that helps someone else, you’ll be good to go. Avoid just posting text by itself, because it often doesn’t get nearly as much attention.

My own content was language learning tips like how to create a self-study schedule, and how to study Japanese, Chinese and Korean at the same time. Those did tremendously well because even though the text was long, it was well organized and had a pretty picture. Here are the links to those posts:

How to Create a Self Study Schedule

How to Use Movies to Learn a Language

So your posts should be mostly pictures either original or reposts and blog posts (if you have a blog).


Stalk Influencers


Don’t be weird and actually stalk anyone, I mean go search Tumblr for the people that have the most followers in your field and see what they’re doing. In other words, search a keyword in your niche and search for those who have the most followers in that niche.  Then ask yourself this question: What are they missing? Pretend you’re a common reader going somewhere to answer a question or to look for something, did the influencer provide this for you? What are they missing? What would readers and followers be looking for? Now take this information and go be the best Tumblr person thing that you can be!


Create Awesome Content


Sure you can gain followers by just re-posting specific stuff, but if you want to grow faster, you should make your own content. This is so basic and you hear this everywhere, but I’m being 100% serious. Your unique content will bring more followers to you because they won’t be able to find that content elsewhere. Take pretty pictures, write helpful articles, draw amazing comics, etc and watch the followers grow. No seriously.

Followers Actually do Just Show Up If You Make Awesome Content

Unlike a real blog, Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook, Tumblr is unique in that it is the only social media platform I’ve EVER used that if you put up great original content, people will just show up with likes and follows. Is it immediate? No! But does it happen if you’re consistent? YES! Then once you have a decent following, you can direct your followers to your blog. For your reference, it took me a couple of months (5 or 6 roughly) to get to 3,000 followers. So don’t get starry eyed thinking you can do this in a few weeks.

How to Direct Followers To Your Blog

The best way would be to direct your Tumblr page to your blog. Then when you write a new post, add a ‘Keep Reading’ divider and then whenever someone clicks ‘Keep Reading’ it will take them to your external blog. If you choose this method, you don’t need to spend to much time making your Tumblr blog looking fancy and glitzy, because well, no is going to really see it!

I recommend waiting till after you have a decent Tumblr following (one or two thousand followers) before you starte

You can direct to your blog in the settings.




That’s it! So go create a Tumblr blog and get cracking!


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