My Review of Every Language Learning Program I’ve Ever Used! (Part 1)

Important note: Some affiliate links used in this post! However keep in mind that these are all my honest reviews and I would never recommend what I don’t myself like!

I’m going to level with you. I have spent many a late night slaving away in my basement using language program after language program as if a mad scientist trying to find the missing element to complete an groundbreaking experiment. Except I’m no mad scientists and language learning isn’t necessarily groundbreaking. But I nonetheless found myself combing the shelves of every bookstore looking for some new program to appease my insatiable appetite for language learning. I’ve gone through more material than I’d like, but why not use my excessive spending habits and hours of language learning to help all of you make wiser decisions. So let’s get started!

Rosetta Stone


Start learning with Rosetta Stone here:

Okay, tea time. I used Rosetta Stone a while ago to learn Japanese and it was a doozy. Did it help me learn basic vocabulary words? YES! Did it help me construct sentences or understand basic Japanese grammar? NOPE. However, there is a running joke in my house about how well we remembered two sentences in Japanese, The boy is under the plane (飛行機の下いる男の子)and the boy is under the table (テーブルの下いる男の子). One year of the program and that’s it.


Great for people going on short trips

The constant repetition of vocabulary words burns it into your brain


Lack of grammatical instruction

All you do is repeat words


Rocket Languages


Start with Rocket Languages Korean here:

Now I used Rocket Languages for Korean, and I really loved it! I learned so many useful phrases and in each lesson they explained exactly how to use each expression. Then there were vocabulary lists as well to study the words you learned. I do recommend Rocket Languages if you want to immediately start talking and talking well. Repeating after the native speaker. The lessons are setup similar to Language Pod, where you have topic based lessons and then a native speaker and English speaker explain the new words and material for the day. That premise I usually don’t like, but I quite liked it! You have plenty of opportunity to practice reading, writing and speaking. They even have flash cards and quizzes for you to use. You can also record yourself and compare it to the native speaker. Is it my favorite? No. But I think that it is definitely worth the time and energy.



Great lessons


Great explanations

So many features (you can even hover over individual words to get their definitions)

Many modules and lessons to access

Easy to use



Too much English (I prefer immersion)



Fluent U


Start with Fluent U here:

Okay, I LOVE FLUENT U! I don’t know if you guys have noticed but I have sung praises about Fluent U for a long time. I found Fluent U during the time all my friends were raving about Duolingo and I hated Duolingo (still do). Fluent U is an immersion based program where you choose a language and then choose a video to watch based on your interests and then watch the video. The videos are genuine videos taken from the internet and not made by Fluent U. They are real music videos, mini tv series, Youtube videos, etc.


You can always stop the video anytime and look at the definition of words. Don’t worry about understanding everything, just take in all the content. Just go to Learn Mode. There you will learn every word and every grammar point used in the video.


In learn mode, you learn vocab and you learn it well. For every word, you hear several examples in other videos and contexts. It’s awesome. Once you’ve learned the whole video, you’ve learned natural language and learned so many useful words and phrases!!!

I will never not sing praises of Fluent U! I love it and you should try it!


Part two on the way!! Happy studying!!


One thought on “My Review of Every Language Learning Program I’ve Ever Used! (Part 1)

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