Six Ways to Motivate Yourself While Learning a New Language

Article written by Anna Kokkali
Motivation is one of the most important components in order to achieve goals.


If you aren’t motivated to work and fight towards your goal, then no one will do it for you. Learning a new language is definitely a target that besides the appropriate resources, material and time, it requires will and motivation.


Many people get excited at the beginning, and start studying correctly..but as time passes by they lose their motivation and get tired.


So how can that be avoided? How can someone stay motivated in learning a new language?


Here are some tips, that will keep you in the game, and in the right path towards your goal..


  • Remember why you started: When you start your learning journey, of course you have a reason behind it. You should always keep that reason in mind. It will make you overcome the challenges that you might encounter. The reasons of course differ between people. Just use it to keep you motivated and keep going!


  • Create a routine: Although the word “routine” might sound dull, when it comes to learning, the reality is that you need it. Relating some activities of your everyday life to the learning process, will give you a more organised schedule that you can follow. For example, if you know that study time is everyday before lunch, then you gain some sort of  stability. It’s like brushing your teeth every morning, if you miss it then something feels weird and different.


  • Set mini sessions / deadlines (interim goals): Don’t be terrified by the amount of material and new things that you have to study. Break it down! Set small goals every week. That way, the amount of work doesn’t seem hectic and at the same time you can keep track of your progress. Plus it will give you a feeling of satisfaction everytime you cross out one of the deadlines and keep you motivated to work for the next one.


  • Treat yourself:  We tend to focus more on the negative things in life rather than the positive ones. This is the same with studying. If we are struggling, we tend to make a bigger deal out of it. However, you should congratulate and treat yourself when you achieve and complete your goals. Therefore, you acknowledge your improvement and strengths and progress even more.


  • Find your place to study: By this I definitely don’t mean that everyone has to have a study room or a desk to work. Not at all. For each person, the place to study can differ. It can either be the morning commute to work in the train, or an office with just a desk or a coffee place, or even outside in a park. Find the place that matches best with your preferences and personality, so learning” becomes also interesting and fun.


  • Meet people that are also learning the same language:  Find a buddy, that can become your partner in this journey. But also find a buddy to practice the language, try to have discussions and casual conversations, hear yourself and improve yourself with a friend.


Motivation and competition go hand in hand. , therefore a bit of (healthy)  competition will make you even more eager to study and work. Finding a “language learning partner” nowadays is super easy, as technology also helps you connect through platforms and apps that are specifically made for this kind of matching!


  • Combine your passion with the new language: Do you have a passion for films? Or books? Or Singing? You can combine that with learning the new language. For example if you are trying to learn English and you love reading, then try a book in English. Of course it’s harder when you are on the go as there is not always the dictionary available. However, there are many apps through which you can read and translate instantly.
    Take for example KnowbleReader, where you can read online the news every day, and instantly translate your unknown words, to the language of your preference. Also, if you like films there is nothing better than having the audio to the language that you are learning and at the same time having the subtitles. Audiovisual methods are said to be the most effective ones. This list could go on and on depending on your personality, style and hobbies.


The importance lies on the benefits that one can gain from learning a new language.


Talking from a cultural perspective, a new language helps understanding better a new culture and eases communication with locals. Additionally, from a business view, the opportunities that arise increase, such as working with international clients or even moving to an English-speaking country.


In the end, it takes time to learn a new language. It’ll probably take years to perfect it, but small actions have a dramatic impact, and a little practice every day goes far. By keeping yourself motivated and setting goals, learning a new language becomes a second-nature. Learning becomes easily integrated into your daily life and will become an adventurous and enjoyable process. Good luck in your learning journey, and don’t give up!

About the author:  Anna is 25 years old from Greece. She is working for KnowbleReader, an application designed to help English language learners improve by providing online news articles in English, as a product / digital marketeer and currently living in Amsterdam.

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