Visit My ETSY Shop!!!

Big news guys!! I made an Etsy shop and am now selling language learning printables!! Hurraayyyyyy!!!! If you’ve got a free moment and want some AWESOME language learning printables, check out my shop:


🖤 Movie Tracker : Use movies to learn languages with this organized printable. Choose a movie, write a quick description of it, then decide how many days you will set aside to study this movie (example one week, 2 days or three days). Then choose the segment of time you will watch the movie. To maximize your language learning, you must split the movie up into 5, 10, 15, or 20 minute segments. Watch a segment and write down any new vocabulary on the following page along with the time stamp so you can find where it is used in the movie easily. Cross off the popcorn icons to track your progress through the movie.

🖤 Vocabulary : *This is only for Chinese or Japanese. If you use the pages for Japanese, ignore the pinyin square* Write the vocabulary word, write the pinyin word (if studying Chinese), for each character in the vocabulary word, write out the radicals used. Then in the ‘Individual Character’ tab, write down each individual character and their meanings. If you are at all confused, you can find an example above. When you are finished, write down a joke to help you remember the word a little easier. There is an example above.

🖤 Weekly Planner : Who doesn’t need a weekly planner when organizing their week of studies and such?! You can use this simple printable to organize your goals, to-do’s and materials for your week of language study!

Happy learning!!


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