I’m in China!!

Good evening, polyglots!

It is 9:50pm here in Hefei, China and I just wanted to give you a quick update! It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I wanted to let you guys know whats been going on! So since my last post, I have since left my job at Harvard, vacationed in Italy for about two weeks and am now in China teaching my first week of classes at a university. So why did I leave my job in the states to teach English in China? Simple! Because I want to learn more Chinese as fluently as possible. If I haven’t said so already, I am learning Chinese, Japanese and Korean (and French on the side) to become a translator, so it is imperative that my language skills are on point. It is also the reason why I advocate for such intensive language study methods, because I myself must study languages intensively to prepare myself for my career.

Immediately after arriving in China, I was thrown into the fire and needed to put my Chinese skills to work. Since I picked a location with fewer foreigners, fewer people speak fluent English. I knew this ahead of time and decided it was the perfect setting to immerse myself in Chinese. Just during my first few weeks, that’s exactly what I’ve been able to do! So I will be resuming a more regular posting schedule from now on and am working on a new post. So just bear with me just a little bit longer while I finish that up and then you guys will have more awesome language learning content!!

Happy learning!!


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