I’m on a roll today, so I bring you, my personal recommendations for Korean language learning! Most of the stuff/links here are what I used myself, and for me, it’s quality over quantity. (Though quantity over quality comes to when you actually have to learn it, in which, repetition is key, etc.)

So, here we go! And yes, all of them are free!

First of all, learn hangeul

  • 90daykorean (a hangeul pdf)
  • busyatom (hangeul-learning yt playlist!)
  • how to practice your hangeul/kana (on my wordpress blog)
  • personally, I forgot how I learned or what site I used, but I think reading kpop idol’s tweets (or fanart artists’ twitter) helped a lot. So once you get a gist of how to read hangeul, just try your hands (or eyes?) on reading the simple tweets! It doesn’t matter if you can’t understand most of it yet, but learning the alphabet will help you a lot in the long run. ^^
  • Romanizations don’t always sound the same with the Korean pronunciation when you read it, so hangeul is the answer, alright? 
  • if you have any recommendations, feel free to tell me!

Next, my favourite, grammar. Most of these are downloadable PDF files.

  • TTMIK lessons (it seems intimidating at first but trust me, you won’t know unless you try! the lessons are bite-sized and straight to the point and i find them very helpful! also, i have the full pdf until level 8, so if you guys want me to upload it in bulks then do tell me~)
  • Monash University textbooks (book 1, book 2). //my fave!!! (the actual website is down, so the download links are mine, for now.)
  • Korean From Zero! (you can also learn hangeul in this pdf)
  • I’m not a fan of online lessons but you can try koreanclass101!
  • I used to hoard almost EVERY online pdf for language-learning, but when I think again, “when the hell am I going to use these?!”, so yeah, stick with quality over quantity 😉

Aha, vocabulary

  • LearnWithOliver (flashcards, helpful flashcards, neat flashcards that are not in flashcards form. haha.)
  • Memrise
  • Anki (I don’t use this but it might be helpful for you!)
  • Naver Dictionary 
  • Google Translate (though a full sentence translation is usually bullshoot and I don’t recommend it, the pronunciation function and one word translation are very helpful.)
  • My method: Learn a grammar lesson from any of the pdf files, make my own notes, then use post-its/sticky-notes for new verbs and put it where I’ll see them. 
  • You can also learn from hearing a vocab multiple times in K-pop songs/K-variety shows. You guys know what ‘사랑’ means, right? 😉

Videos to aid your learning (though I prefer reading than watching, but these are the ones I really recommend!)

Websites/Blogs you gotta check out, for language exercises and helpful tips!

Not to forget, motivational/useful tips posts!

Also, my personal language-learning methods

  • When studying, I read the whole grammar lesson, try to understand it, then write down the notes word by word as I pronounce the vocabularies along the way. I understand better after making notes as I process the lesson in my brain. (well, since I’m a read-write learner hehe.)
  • I use Memrise for vocab. 
  • I read Korean manhwa raws (manga, but Korean version. you can google these.)
  • I try to form my own sentences like, “She has a cat”, “I have three brothers”, since I don’t have any language-learning partners (sadlyfe) but if you’d like to, let’s be friends and practice together!! 
  • Always, always pick up bits and pieces from songs and k-variety shows. (2d1n gives me lyfe!!) 
  • Scheduling language-learning into your life is the way to go! Even if it’s as short as 30mins a day or 2hours full of concentration, as long  as you do it continuously. There will be days when you think you can’t make it, so it’s fine to take a break once in a while! 

Last but not least, my personal tips/motivation

  • Language-learning doesn’t have to be a chore. It’s something you should enjoy! I remember stumbling over the pronunciation of words like ‘후회할‘ and ‘되‘ yesterday and I laughed at myself, but it was fun! So take things one step at a time, okay?
  • “Don’t learn too fast for the sake of finishing the textbook.” 
  • If you think you’re slower than everyone else at reading hangeul or even remembering grammar, don’t worry. You’re NOT dumb nor slow, you’re a wonderful human being! Even trying to memorize one letter/verb a day shows that you’re working hard on it, and I’m proud of you! Good things come to those who work hard!

  • Always remember to pick yourself up again. Take your time, and believe in yourself! If you really want it, go and get it! You can do it!!!
  • Even a session of Memrise course a day goes a longgg way, you know. 😉
  • Shia LaBeouf’s “JUST DO IT” because we all need it
  • I’ve been learning Korean on and off for almost three years (wow even i cannot believe) and although it’s hard, I’m getting there. It’s never too late or too early to start what you love, you know. It’s your life, so you decide whatever you want to!!!
  • Also, instead of looking for more resources and motivation, I think you should really start on opening that textbook/pdf/memrise course, you know. 😉 Eheheh. 
  • I remember the moment I read a whole tweet of an idol (Red of M.Pire, I doubt you guys even know him aha) and actually understood it. The joy!! brought tears!! to my eyes!!! 

If you have anything else to add, then please feel free to do so! You can also drop me a message if there’s anything you’d like to know, or if I’m missing something, etc. I can also do a Japanese resources masterpost (lol nadia pls) if someone asks for it. But anyway, hope this post has been helpful, even if it helps just one person! 

Stay positive yall, and remember, if you can dream it, you can do it!!! Thank you so much for reading my first masterpost, byeom~!


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