Korean Learning Resources


Just Started Learning Korean? Here’s What You Can Expect


Free Textbook PDFs:

Beginning Korean: A Grammar Guide

Basic Korean: A Grammar and Workbook

My Korean 1 and Audio Files

My Korean 2 and Audio Files

Essential Grammar For Korean as a Second Language



https://www.viki.com/ – website that helps you learn Korean through K-dramas. Includes learning mode to help you understand vocabulary and grammar

Learn Korean Through K-Pop – website that helps you learn Korean through popular k-pop songs. Also includes quizzes and breakdown of grammar and vocabulary.

Learn Korean.Net – Korean learning website with free lessons

Talk to Me In Korean – Largest learning site for beginners

Korean Wiki Project –  Wikipedia type resource for everything you need to know about Korean

r/Korean – Korean reddit page for you to ask questions and gather resources


Where To Learn About:

Correct Pronunciation

Politeness Levels


The Hangul Alphabet

The Numbers System



Hello Deer: App Store / Google Play

Seemile: App Store / Google Play

Memrise: App Store / Google Play

Innovative Language 101: App Store / Google Play

Chat to Learn Korean – Eggbun: App Store / Google Play

PopPopping Korean – Pronunciation: App Store / Google Play

TOPIK ONE: App Store / Google Play

Learn Korean – WordPower: App Store / Google Play

HelloTalk Language Exchange: App Store / Google Play

TenguGo Hangul: App Store / Google Play

Naver Korean Dictionary & Translate: App Store / Google Play

Learn Korean – Bravolol: App Store / Google Play

Duolingo: App Store / Google Play


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