french resources masterpost

i don’t even know where to begin with french…i love learning languages so much, i really wish my parents had started me when i was younger. i started taking french in seventh grade but i really hope to spend a semester abroad in france & visit senegal when im older. however, french can get super crazy with accents and hard pronunciation and fancy vocab, which can get really confusing, so here’s a masterpost w all of the french resources i’ve gathered 🙂 

where to start

  • duolingo aka the most amazing free language learning program ever
  • rosetta stone– i’ve heard really great things about this program, but it is not free 
  • bonjour– this website is rlly helpful & even if you’re already in a french class like me, you can find lots of resources for when you’re confused 🙂 plus it’s free!!
  • babbel– they have programs for beginners + advanced 

grammar + spell check


  • collins
  • word reference (this is my personal favorite, i highly recommend it + it is so much better than google translate & much more reliable!!) 
  • larousse
  • linternaute
  • linguee (this one is probably my second favorite)
  • you can get word reference (free!!) on the app store, as well as linguee (which i think is free as well??)                               




these are a few of my favorites:

  • stromae– hip hop//electronic but i still like his music
  • maitre gims– rapper but he sings quite a bit in his songs 
  • joyce jonathan– omg her songs are so cute please go listen
  • christophe mae-can we just talk about his song “tombe sous le charme” i love it + he sort of reminds me of jack johnson 
  • vianney!!– guys “je te deteste” is my favorite song on my french playlist right now. the sophomore that sits next to me in our french class recommended him to me & i can’t stop listening 
  • christine & the queens

also check out these links for more music:

other stuff to listen to//watch

news + culture

my tips

  • definitely keep a vocab notebook where you can either paste vocab lists or write them in on your own
  • listen to french music. find your own favorite artists. and tell me, so i can put them in here. but seriously, go do it & get those phrases + pronunciations stuck in your head!!
  • making quizlets for vocab will benefit you more than just using someone else’s
  • find friends in your class to help (if you’re in highschool, upperclassmen are a blessing pls go ask them questions if you’re lost in class), the senior that sits next to me is really good at conjugating, and i’m pretty good at remembering vocab so we make a great team
  • find/join a study group!! the freshman girls in my french class made a group chat & we all send links to quizlets/other resources & help each other with homework 24/7
  • ask questions/do speaking exercises during class. trust me, you will benefit from it. plus, having your teacher correct you on your pronunciation during class is much less embarrassing than getting an F on that speaking test 

french help on tumblr

my posts

i hope this helped!! 🙂 


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