Free Language Learning Tracker!

Hello everyone! I had been trying to find a way to keep better track of all the areas of my language learning. I feel that I really neglect the writing aspect of it and really need to keep track of that. I decided to make a language learning tracker so that I can see an entire overview of my study habits. This way it will be easy to tell which core areas of my languages  I am neglecting.


Here is a quick set up of this printable. Simply add the month it is at the top and give the languages you’re learning a designated color in the key at the bottom.

It will become clear which areas I am not designating enough time to as more areas are filled in. This will make it easier to decide which areas to study on a certain day. I hope this printable will help you on your language journey!

You can download the free printable by clicking here: Language Tracker

Oh I love this so much! That’s a neat idea tbh and way easier than drawing a tracker in my bujo.


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