Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve made a post on this blog! I’ve been so busy with university and then as soon as my last exam was over I traveled back home to see my family! I finally have some time to myself so I thought I’d make a new post! This is all about how to say doing something in Japanese. This post won’t go into too much depth regarding these sentence patterns, so feel free to look them up for more information on how to use them!

行きます・Going to do:
To say, “I’m going to__” in Japanese, you can follow this sentence pattern.

Sentence pattern = subject+を+verb stem (ます form without the ます) +に+行きます・行く。

e.g. 何をしますか?
       What are you doing?
       Going to see a movie.

つもり・Plan to do:
But what about how to say you intend on doing something, or you plan on doing something? In that case, you can use つもり!

Sentence pattern = verb dictionary form+つもり+です・だ。

e.g. 明日は何をしますか?
       What will you do tomorrow?
       I intend to go to karaoke.

ようと思う・Think I’ll do:
To say that you’re thinking of doing something, you can follow this sentence pattern:

Sentence pattern = verb volitional form+ようと思う

e.g. で今晩こそ早く寝ようと思う。
        I think I’ll go to sleep early tonight.


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